Movie Icons Overlayed

George Chamoun from Sweden decided to use movie icons from two different eras to create the following images of celebrities that are a lot about anatomy, patterns and ideals. He named his project “Iconatomy” from the words “icon” and “anatomy”.

Audrey Portman

Cary Clooney

Elizabeth Jolie

James Pattinson

Marlyn Johansson

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12 Responses to Movie Icons Overlayed

  1. Oscar says:

    Good work!

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  3. Maeve McNamara says:

    Great job! This is mind-blowing

  4. Amanda says:

    They almost look real…its amazing!!!

  5. Moe says:

    That is insane! Great job!

  6. Moe says:

    More mind blowing pictures! I found these rare photos of Marilyn Monroe on:

  7. Natalee says:

    That’s so awesome!!

  8. Paco says:

    Look amaizing!!!!

  9. Really amazing! Audrey Portman and Elizabeth Jolie are my favourite ones.

  10. ashly says:

    you are doing amazing job !!

  11. How amazingly clever. Love this idea. I would love to see more.

  12. kings says:

    Waoh… This is amazing…


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